A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


It's a NON-Survival (because you will DIE) Top-Down/First Person Shooter.

You need to be smart and quick. Some enemies can only be killed in First Person Shooter view (i.e. the smaller ones).

Difficulty: You need to survive for certain amount of seconds each Level BUT.. when you kill enemies.. you increase the speed of enemy spawn as well as the enemy difficulty. So better RUN!!!

Lose Condition: Run out of Health. 


  • Arrow Keys or WASD to move the character
  • Mouse to point and shoot (first person view allow to point up and down for bigger or smaller enemies).
  • Rifle mode: Left click shoots "Bullets", Right Click "Grenade"
  • Power Mode: Left click shoots "Powerful Blast of Energy", Right click "Activates shield" for 10 seconds. (once activated you can switch to "Rifle Mode" and shoot bullets or grenades as well)

To use the actions in "Power Mode" you need to wait for the blue meter to gather at least 25%. Each action cost 25% of the blue meter.


ShootAndDie.zip 78 MB
ShootAndDie_MaxOSX.zip 83 MB
ShootAndDie_Linux.zip 100 MB